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Menotomy Preschool is an integrated program for children ages 3 years old – kindergarten entry age with or without special needs. All children are provided with the opportunity to learn and grow in an inclusive and diverse learning environment. All classrooms are multi-age in design. Our specialized teaching staff and service providers individualize instruction to best meet the needs of each child. All children engage in developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day to promote social, language, emotional, cognitive & motor development.
While our AHS location is under construction we will be located at the Parmenter School (17 Irving Street, Arlington). Starting January 3, 2024, our new address will be 12 Mill Brook Drive located on the Arlington High School Campus.
Menotomy Preschool is a program overseen by the Arlington Public Schools Special Education Department. MPS provides an inclusive preschool experience for children with and without disabilities in a developmentally appropriate program and services model. MPS employs a variety of research-based curricula in order to address the diverse needs of our young learners. 
Highlights of programming include: 
  • Preschool classrooms that meet 3-5 days per week with an organized curriculum meeting district and state standards for effective practice
  • Therapeutic interventions: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech & Language therapies for students with assessed needs
  • Play and therapeutic groups led by professionals for intervention and group experience
  • AHS students learning about Child Development through the FACS Department at AHS spend time in our classrooms as part of their practical work experience