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Teaching Teams


PRESCHOOL 1:  Miss Kerrie Miss Erin, Miss Stephanie and Miss Eileen
Contact: Kerri Simoneau,  [email protected]
PRESCHOOL 2: Miss Christina, Miss Bella, Mr. Savion,  and Miss Rosemarie
Contact Christina Walker, [email protected]
PRESCHOOL 3: Miss Sif. Miss Teresa, and Miss Lindsay
Contact: Sif Ferranti,  [email protected]
PRESCHOOL 4: Miss Emily, Miss Dana, and Miss Vandana
Contact: Emily Magee,  [email protected]
PRESCHOOL 5: Miss Kelly, Miss Sara, and Miss Mel
Contact: Kelly Cardalino,  [email protected]
PRESCHOOL 6: Miss Elisabeth, Miss Mary Ellen, and Miss Anne
Contact: Elisabeth Hagen,  [email protected]
PRESCHOOL 7: Miss Taline, Miss Brenda, and Miss Katherine
Contact: Taline Sarian.  [email protected]
Art:  Miss Lauren 
Contact: Lauren Grace, [email protected]
Music:  Miss Romy,
Contact:  Romy Wilhelm, Roots Music [email protected]