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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

In our current location we do not have enough legal parking in the neighborhood and we do not have a parking lot. We will do live drop off and pick up.   Parents/caregivers will pull up to the front of the building, unbuckle their child from their carseat, and an MPS staff member will lead the child into their classroom.  When you return to pick up your child, a staff member will bring your child to the car for dismissal.  As always, it is important to inform your child’s teacher of who is authorized to pick up your child by placing their names on the child’s authorization and consent form and email your teacher of any changes to be made to that form.


For you and your child's safety please put your child's car seat on the driver's side of the vehicle.

If you need to drop off or pick up your child during times not specified, please inform the main office of your intention.  Your child will be brought to the main entrance or a staff member will meet you at the main entrance door.